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Conversation Between jaydee_besos and stef.strawbs.123

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  1. stef.strawbs.123
    Ohh right, I got an ABB from RH and, obviously, ABB from Reading :-P Have you had a look at accommodation?
  2. jaydee_besos
    I got BBB from Reading and ABB from RH
  3. stef.strawbs.123
    Ohh I see, what offer did RH give you? Because mine is the same as the one from Reading lol
  4. jaydee_besos
    Manchester, reading and kings. I don't like reading either lol but I put it as my insurance because it has the lowest entry requirements.
  5. stef.strawbs.123
    Yeah, I keep forgetting that I have to get the grades! Manchester, Reading and Chichester, which will be my insurance; I didn't like Reading at all though How about you? x
  6. jaydee_besos
    Hi Can't wait to get to RH, providing I get the grades. Where else have you been accepted?
  7. stef.strawbs.123
    Sorry, but I see you've firmed RH for Classical Studies; I might be firming them for Ancient History soon, so I might see you there
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