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  1. mc1000
    Shut up.

    Either you're trolling, or you think this ridiculous evangelism actually causes people to convert. It doesn't.

    I'm basically a Christian already, and it's people like you (anyone who evangelises without permission) who bring a bad name upon the faith - people who make non-believers even less likely to convert - and who make me embarrased to call myself a Christian.

    An agnostic lifestyle is the only way forward. If you think about it, one of the fundamentals of Christianity is unconditional love - and by behaving in a NORMAL way to others, through a NORMAL atheist lifestyle (getting drunk, pre-marital sex, a dirty sense of humour - none of which are actually advised against by the New Testament which IS Chrisitanity), and crucially not trying to get people to convert all the time; THIS is the only proper way to evangelise, show your unconditional love for your atheist friends, and thereby reflect the works of Jesus in your day-to-day life without actually outright reflecting the works of Jesus. It works very nicely...

  2. Christ Is Lord
    Eternal life my friend.

    You can have it today, and so avoid eternal punishment in seperation from your Maker.
  3. mc1000
    I'm confused... any particular reason for the evangelical link?
  4. Christ Is Lord
How tall are you?

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