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Conversation Between jam277 and emilymay

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  1. jam277
    I'm probably going to take a gap year now. I got 4 rejections, I'm planning on looking for work in an healthcare setting but firstly i need to get the grades.
  2. jam277
    I guess that'll probably be what I'll do then. I was planning on working in my school but the shifts are fixed so this seems better.
  3. jam277
    Ok. Thanks so much. I was looking for something with shifts that aren't fixed since I was planning on meeting my friends in uni as well. I'm hoping I get at least A*AA so I can reapply next year because unis will start to use the A* now for entry requirements.
  4. emilymay
    I applied through the NHS jobs website, it's a paid job, I work on the bank (cover for staff on annual leave/sickness) and I choose my own shifts, I tend to do about 5 a week but going to cut back a bit now. I get nearly £7.00 an hour which is pretty decent and yeah the car does suck up a lot of money But I need mine to get to work so its just something I've accepted. Let me know how your application goes!
  5. jam277
    How did you get a job as a health care assistant? I don't know how I would spend the gap year if I end up taking one. Is it paid or voluntary? I'll need to save up before I go to uni since tuition fees are rising and I want to buy a car.
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