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  1. AmyLH
    Aww I hope so! Good luck
  2. 1platinum
    I think I will do it then. The extra UMS will be the difference between an A and a B. I sense you're going to get an A* in Chemistry!
  3. AmyLH
    It didn't take too much effort tbf, I've concentrated in lessons, done every piece of homework, revised for every mini test the teacher gives us, and then for revision I just did every past paper.
    For the other UMS: Geology: 97/105, Biology: 79/90, and Maths: 87/100
  4. 1platinum
    Oh ok good because I need your advice! Basically I am on 73/100 on CHEM 1 and although I got my CHEM 2 up today to 123/140 which I was ok, I still need the spare UMS. How difficult was it for you to get 97? Did it take a lot of effort? Really considering whether to do it again as I need an A overall, and I only got a C in Unit 4. And also what was your other UMS if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for your help!
  5. AmyLH
  6. 1platinum
    AQA right?
  7. AmyLH
    Thank you! How did you get on? And I got 97/100 UMS
  8. 1platinum
    Congratulations on your 4 A's! What did you get on CHEM 1?
  9. 1platinum
    So you are getting them online?!
  10. AmyLH
    I hope so! 6am, I'll probably post them on here before I go to college (if they're TSR-worthy that is )
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