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Conversation Between newts2k and She_Bittersweet

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  1. She_Bittersweet
    Hint? :innocent:
  2. newts2k
    Agreed, gotta have a little bit of everything.......but a lot of something. I'll let you figure that one out hot lips! haha
  3. She_Bittersweet
    No the bitterness is not because of a hangover.Just too sweet is never a good thing as you get sick of it fairly quickly
  4. newts2k
    Your sweetness is my weakness in the words of Michelle Gayle (great song may I add). You don't suffer from the weekend hangover bitterness then like yours truly?
  5. She_Bittersweet
    I pretty much always feel bitter sweet
  6. newts2k
    Hows you? Feeling bitter or sweet today? haha
  7. She_Bittersweet
    Well hi there
  8. newts2k
    Hey hot stuff
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