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  1. raheem94
    You are welcome.

    Tbh, i don't have much idea about the grade boundaries other than of the full UMS, so i really can't say if it will be a B or not. You will be better off asking this to someone more experienced than me.
  2. otrivine
    ThankS but like the marks ai estimatedwill that be a B grade u predict around?? And again inwantnto thanknu raheem formall ur help in maths sorry for the chaos I will never forget ur help ! God bless
  3. raheem94
    I am not a grade boundary expert, i usually only look at the full UMS boundary

    I heard that C2 was an easy paper, so unfortunately i will expect the full UMS boundary to be 75/75, 71/75 may be 90UMS. Last year, M2 was an easy paper, i got 71/75 in it, which meant 90UMS.

    I don't know about the difficulty of C3/C4 so can't say anything about them.

    I have never done decision modules.

    I feel there will be several people who would have dropped a lot of marks in the histogram question in S1, so i don't feel the boundaries will be very high though i can be wrong.

    Good luck
  4. otrivine
    c2 i think i should get my minimum 67 and my max could be 71 marks will that be full UMS 71/75 ? c3 my minimum is 57 and my max as 61/75 marks , then for c4 dont think did too well got around 41/75 marks and for S1 hopefully my minimum is 56 marks and my max 60/75 marks and for D1 my minimum 46/75 and my max 51/75 marks? will that get be a B?
  5. raheem94
    I am not a marking expert so i will avoid answering such questions. May be post it on the forum or ask tinyhobbit, she will know it.

    How are you feeling after looking at the MS?
  6. otrivine
    hi raheem one quick question do they give method marks even if u got wrong values?
  7. otrivine
    ok thanks
  8. raheem94
    Hey, i am fine, i don't have Edexcel login, i will try to search for them, if i find them then i will let you know.
  9. otrivine
    Hi mate how are u hope u are enjoying ur holidays mate I wanted to ask can u please get the official Mark schemes for maths they are available on the Edexcel site thanks
  10. raheem94
     y = a^x \\ \dfrac{dy}{dx} = a^x \ln a

     y = 2^x \\ \dfrac{dy}{dx} = 2^x \ln 2
How tall are you?

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