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  1. innerhollow
    Oh sorry! No I didn't see that.
  2. thegenius31416
    Did you not see the or am I missing something?
  3. innerhollow
    Don't think you read my comment O_o
  4. thegenius31416
    Oh, ok. I knew my memory served me right.

    Good luck next year at UCL then
  5. innerhollow
    Essentially a situation arose where I was trying to do something helpful on the Imperial forum and it was perceived that I was trying to gloat about my offer... to avoid any further trouble I am now claiming I don't have an offer
  6. thegenius31416
    I thought I remembered seeing it say you had an offer from Imperial for Engineering in your signature, but now it says you have been rejected. Just wondering what happened or is it just my imagination? By the way, I'm sure UCL will be just as good
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