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  1. magdaplaysbass
    Heyy I watched the first episode yesterday and really enjoyed it. I do get what you mean about all of Napoleon's facial expressions... Absolutely loved the conversations between the ligers though :giggle: I'll definitely be watching the rest of the series :yep: x
  2. cosmobear92
    Hey, lol sorry this is late, I got round to watching the first episode of the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon series, it's so funny , deffo worth a watch. Only criticism is that Napoleon has too many facial expressions. Gaaaaaaaaaad :sad:
  3. magdaplaysbass
    it really is :yep:
    haven't seen it yet, but I've heard good things about it
    definitely need to get round to watching it
  4. cosmobear92
    Aah same definitely in my top 10 films, the dance scene is just epic. No, I haven't, is it good? I heard all the original cast members were still in it though
  5. magdaplaysbass
    love your sig! Napoleon Dynamite has got to be one of my favourite films
    Have you seen the new ND cartoon?
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