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  1. Blob2491
    I'm not 100% sure but I'm guessing so because they recently added them. They're easy so its not that much to learn.
  2. aksuzberp
    thanks for the list.
    you also gave a link which doesnt work
    but that shouldnt matter becuase it didnt contain anything extra did it?

    what are these new words? are they really likely to come up or what?
  3. Blob2491

    ainsi - as well as/as much
    habile - clever
    peine la - punishment, (ca vaut la peine - its worth it)
    sage - wise

    Les Alpes - the Alps
    la perte - the loss

    le saumon - salmon
    la truite - trout

    couvrir - to cover
    ragner - to tidy

    emprunter - to borrow

    l'espece - species

    expres- deliberately
    gater - to spoil

    la grande surface - retail park

    le soin - care
    soigner - to look after/to care for

    Good luck!
  4. aksuzberp
    i would appreciate if you pm me the french vocab as well with definitions
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