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  1. Well, it's just that when I have a sub, I feel like I have to make the most of it by going on TSR as much as possible before it runs out. Whereas when I don't have a sub, I don't feel like that so much. Although, if I were someone with a permanent sub (ie, ex-mod), then I guess it'd be different.
  2. ak137
    Ah right lol.

    Tbh, I think subbing doesnt really make a difference, well not for me anyway
  3. I have no more essays to submit now :sigh:

    I do actually currently have enough credits, but I just don't feel like a sub at the moment as I'm trying to cut down on my TSR addiction a bit. Maybe in the near future I'll get one though.
  4. ak137
    Ah, I thought I was going a bit blind tryna look at your name to see if it was coloured and it wasnt, better to double check I guess :lol:

    Better start submitting essays then
  5. Nope
  6. ak137
    Are you still a sub?
  7. ak137
    Ah, i wasnt active that much in late 2010, so i wouldnt know .

  8. Thanks .

    I'd been wanting to use it for ages actually, but you know when TSR had all those big changes back in late 2010? Well, one of them was to only allow subs to have animated avatars, which annoyed me no end as a non-sub . But now I have it so it's all good :grin:

    Your avatar is cute by the way :cute:
  9. ak137
    nice avy :P
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