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Conversation Between Contrad!ction. and blacklistmember

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  1. blacklistmember
  2. Contrad!ction.
    I'm Marlborough, you?
  3. blacklistmember
    Hey, i'm doing maths at bath too, where are you staying?
  4. blacklistmember
    Hey yeah, if you can, that would be great
    I could look at pictures from the prospectus too but they only put up the best ones :P
  5. Contrad!ction.
    Anything you want photos of? If you want I'll upload photos somewhere for you to look at (probs the Bath applicants thread)

    London's too big for me, and the Underground system confuses me, not that that's hard to do
  6. blacklistmember
    I didnt like london too :sad:

    tell me whether you liked bath after you visit im not from the UK
  7. Contrad!ction.
    Ah cool - well, good luck!

    I was going to apply to Imperial instead of Sussex but I didn't really like the idea of living in London.
  8. blacklistmember
    Bath, if Imperial doesn't reply, and Bristol would be the insuarance
  9. Contrad!ction.
    Visiting Bath on Wed and Exeter on the Wed after. Probably be firming Bath and insurancing Exeter - you?
  10. blacklistmember
    Bath, Bristol, Nottingham

    any ideas on what you'll be firming?
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