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  1. Intriguing Alias
    Yeah you talked to me about it on the tech society thread... Ended up going with the Sony MDR ZX700 (which you suggested) which I'm very happy with so thanks a lot. I decided that I'm not enough of an audio-guy to plunk down over £100 at the moment but maybe that time will come soon enough
  2. Intriguing Alias
    First, lol at the visitor message bellow

    Second, I am coming to you for headphone advice! :ahee: I'm looking to spend between £60-80 but I could possibly stretch that a little. Also, is the difference between a pair at this price and say M50s really so big that I should consider paying £130 for them? I'm looking for over-ear headphone and in terms of what music I listed to I'm pretty varied. The majority would probably be indie/alternative rock but I listen to a fair bit of other genres such as rap, soul and some jazz.

    I understand that you're away at the moment so I'll be patient - just get back to me when you can

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. Intriguing Alias
    Sorry I didn't reply - I'm on CNET's here:
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