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  1. LGrosvenor101
    oh, so sorry for the late reply! and awwww thats annoying :/ and I'm going with 3 people
  2. EloiseStar
    how many people are you going to the london date with?
  3. EloiseStar
    i cant go to any more because i'm going to a new school and i dont want to be missing my first week back lol
  4. LGrosvenor101
    oooo same! I'm going on the 8th to London and the 11th to Manchester, I am soo excited!
  5. EloiseStar
    hey, yeah I'm going to the first London date wbu
  6. LGrosvenor101
    Hey, just wondering but we talked on TSR ages ago last year about Gaga, as we are both monsters and I was just wondering if you ever got tickets for the shows that were (eventually!!!) released! :P
  7. LGrosvenor101
    Awwwww :L I'm like a 40 minute train ride to London :L Its nice to meet other Monsters online :L
  8. EloiseStar
    I live pretty close by but London was a complete trek for me :P
  9. LGrosvenor101
    OOOO o_0 That is weird D: I actually live in like Hampshire, but I only went to Birmingham 1st as they had the only 'close-distance' tickets left D: and yay xD Hello :3
  10. EloiseStar
    o.O I WAS AT THE 5th OF MARCH!!!! (and then at the 28th May in Birms and then 17th Dec in London... o.O)

    I have a fund too.... o.O hello there new TSR best friend!
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