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  1. T-Toe
    Yeah..hate the wait, but I guess it's a good thing as it leaves you more time to think about your choices. Lol @ the parents thing, you've applied to top uni's so i think your parents will be content with whichever uni you decide to go to Manchester is awesome though, the nightlife is wicked! X
  2. member398873
    Erm well- no rejections of late. I think I'm going to firm Exeter and insure Manchester- but tbh I prefer Manchester a baby bit more so I don't care if I miss my Exeter place!

    I'm holding out for St. Andrews and SOAS just in case though- I'd be silly to firm anything so early, as a lot can change in a few months. I might get into a bitter row with my parents and want to run away to Scotland, rather than go to Exeter which is only an hour or so from home!

    They're being so slow though
  3. T-Toe
    Thanks so much! I'm really happy. How are you? How's your application going?

  4. member398873

    Well done lovely! Soton is awesome
  5. T-Toe
    The photos are really awesome, I need to start drawing again... I'm great, just been invited for an interview to study medicine at southampton so happy days :borat: xx
  6. member398873
    Thank you! Luckily I have lots of talented friends who need me to prance about a bit! How are you? X
  7. T-Toe
    I love your art modelling album, great work!
  8. member398873
    Happy New Year to you too xx
  9. member398873
    Awww, thank you

    The Labour Leader hustings in Bristol- I was on his SW campaign team. Gutted when he didn't get in He's an absolutely doll though... x
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