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  1. Dahut
    3 hours a day-ish.
  2. mevidek
    Nice, how much of your time does it take up?
  3. Dahut
    People don't really need much encouragement to demonstrate. We organised the massive global demo on the 15th of October and are working to connect assemblies and movements across the globe.
  4. mevidek
    so you're encouraging people across the globe to protest?
  5. Dahut
    Sounds good, I might go and see it. I'm part of the international coordination team.
  6. mevidek
    Not bad at all actually, just watched the new Tintin film, which was pretty good for an adaptation. So what exactly have you been doing involving the Occupy protests?
  7. Dahut
    Not too bad thanks, what about you. I've been busy with the Occupy movement.
  8. mevidek
    hey Dahut, how've you been?
  9. mevidek
    I'm reading Ian Kershaw's 'Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris'. It's really good and I recommend it to you. Although it's not too biased (unlike many other biographies of the tyrant), it does examine him in lots of detail, and how such a narcissistic, self-obsessed, arrogant, anti-semitic, snob could get into power. It's made up of two books: this one, and 'Hitler 1936-45: Nemesis'.
  10. Dahut
    Nah, haven't read much. L'etranger by Albert Camus and The Civil War in France by Karl Marx were good though.
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