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  1. >Anna<
    Oh, ok. How was I supposed to know it was you? :p: I do remember talking to you before.
    Yep, going to do my Erasmus year in Denmark from August.
    I'm sure you'll be fine!
  2. helpnowplease
    You've told me before...? maybe on my other account..ehrm not sure. but you also said you wern't going ot be at kent, were going Europe? :/ You probably don't remember the girl who wanted to go kent and only kent
  3. >Anna<
    How do you know all this stuff about me?
    There's not point in fretting now, it won't change anything. I'm sure you're being unnecessarily pessimistic.
    I won't even be at Kent this next year...I'm going to study in Copenhagen!
  4. helpnowplease
    But I know that you got in with more than 3 A-levels! if i got ccd..oh goodness and ehrrm........I'll let you live with me....o_o
  5. >Anna<
    I meant what's it worth for me :p:

    I missed my offer and I still got in..I'm sure you've done better than you think!
  6. helpnowplease
    Me to be a lawyer
  7. >Anna<
    Hahaha...what's it worth? :holmes:
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