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  1. nabeel
    Yes I just found it. Thanks for the analysis, and yes I need work! I was wondering if you can send me an essay of yours (graded) so I can compare. Thanks once again.
  2. nabeel
    I put my essay up on my thread, have a look
  3. JacobW
    I can't really tell you anything usefull until I've seen the essay; by all means send me a copy.
  4. nabeel
    Thanks for the reply, firstly. Well, I've never done history at GCSE, I picked it at A-level. I am struggling with writing my essays. I am a great literature student, however, find it difficult to write an essay for history simply because I don't know how to analyse-or shall I say I haven't been told how to properly. I have a recent essay (not marked, yet) so would you care to have a read and tell me what I need to actually do? The last two essays I have done, I received C. I really want an A, it's just a matter of being told the tricks. So please let me know what I'm expected to do, in order to receive an A-thanks. Don't forget to let me know whether you would want to have a read of my essay.
  5. JacobW
    Got in A in AS history and will hopefully get an A* this year. What did you want help with?
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