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  1. Quackers93
    No worries, I do it all the time. Well done on your Cardiff offer! They rejected me, although they did offer me a place on the waiting list so all wasn't lost lol I ended up with offers from St Andrews and Glasgow shockingly! I'd already ruled out Manc cause if I'm honest it was my fourth choice. but I eventually decided on St Andrews and firmed it last week

    Personally I prefered Cardiff over Manchester. I just thought it was a nicer city, a nicer place, nicer med school and I pretty much just got a better feeling from it - but that's just me. What's your gut feeling about it? When you think about going to Cardiff this weekend, are you hoping you'll like it more than Manc, or are you hoping you'll see something that'll put you off? Because if that's the case you might have you decision already partially made!

    Are you swayed either way for either of them? Or is it preyy much equal at the moment?
  2. MyJunkIsYou
    Sorry I completely forgot to reply! I got an offer from Cardiff How about yourself, any idea where you'll be going?

    I'm now completely stuck whether to go to Manc or Cardiff. I went up to Manc at the weekend to unofficially look at their accomodation (basically we just snuck in or peeked through windows). Going to see Cardiff next weekend. So hard to decide!
  3. Quackers93
    Oooh are these pre-interview rejections or post? Scary stuff! When I got the email I was like :eek: Hope I don't get an email from them any time soon!

    I've still to hear from Cardiff, Glasgow and St.Andrews and for all that I'm really happy to have an offer and go to Manc, I think I want to wait and hear back from the others first before I make any firm decisions Think i'm going on an offer holder day but I can't go on the open house accomodation thing so think I'll be taking an unofficial trip too.

    Oh yeah! I remember you saying now that you were a gapper rather than reapper, my bad lol I just assume most gappers are reappers cause in most cases they are. Guess you are one of the exceptions to the rule

    Haha no worries! There is the facebook group if you haven't joined that already? I don't think you have... or I haven't seen you anyways. And thanks!

  4. MyJunkIsYou

    I'm still waiting to hear from Cardiff but at the moment I think no news is good because they just seem to be giving rejections.

    What about you? Do you think you'll go to Manchester? I wanted to go up and look at accomodation or go to the offer holder day but I'm working. I think i'm just gonna take an unofficial trip ha.

    And thanks! although I'm a gapper not a reapper but they rhyme just the same

    edit: sorry i completely misread your last sentence, I thought you meant you'd added me to some group or something haha that's why I said thanks. What I actually meant was congrats!
  5. Quackers93
    Hello there Manc interview buddy!

    How's your application going? Heard back from anywere else?

    Oh and ps I've joined you in the Manc offer crew! Reappers ftw! lol
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