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  1. kka25
    I do have a guitar :eek: But I am so demotivated learning to play it that only the spiders and spiderwebs are playing the guitar right now lol =/

    I did try learning the guitar by playing Linger by The Cranberries though Maybe one day I'll try it again

    Hope everything's fine with you there :hugs:
  2. 331sam331
    Thank's so much, really means a lot that you reached out to me.

    Haha, you should pick up sax, or keyboards or guitar. Lot's of fun! :P

    Thank's mate, I'll keep that in mind
  3. kka25
    Thank's so much for all your advice. It is really nice to know people care. I just view the world now as being so cold, I guess that is part of my twisted mindset.

    I really think I need to get some help, I think I might try some CBT or something.

    Mate that's a first step and it's a good step :yep:

    And you play Guitar, Bass and Saxophone! Wow! I'm so jealous really

    Mate if you're down, PM me. I'm more then happy to hear you out :hugs:
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