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  1. SMed
    I finally went and got the details for that talk. I actually really want to go, but don't think I can.

    EDIT: ok, don't need that massive image embedded here.
  2. Facticity
    Hmmm... Does sound interesting. I can't remember off the top of my head what it is but, I get the feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something around that time of november... But yea, if you pass the details onto me I could still see.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. SMed
    Hey there.

    There's a talk at Imperial on, I think, the 25th of November about consciousness. It sounds rather interesting because the guy seems to be a thoroughly qualified scientist yet appears to be arguing for some sort of pluralism - I thought it was rare for scientists to do this. Anyway, the blurb says he'll be presenting some evidence to support (basically) a supernatural aspect of the mind. It's not yet on the Imperial Events page, but I'll get more details about it tomorrow. £5 admission, 7-9pm (ish)

    I really wanted to go, but sadly I won't be able to make it as I already have plans. But I thought you might be interested.
  4. Facticity
    As I see, I may see you around London then as I'll be at St. Georges London :yep:

    Yea I had similar thoughts, I could have opted out of the gap year if I pushed for it but in the end I decided I needed a break before starting something which won't finish for time unknown. I'll be going to Japan to work with the Red Cross and obviously do a lot of sight seeing and exploration

    Aha well then I guess it would be the ideal geography for you guys. But all right, speak to you later then.
  5. SMed
    I forgot these aren't PMs - glad I didn't say anything stupid.
  6. SMed
    I'm an Imperial medic so they make us do a BSc, and I'm doing endo in-house at the Hammersmith Hospital. I don't know if I'll be an endocrinologist just yet, but one of my own special interests is diabetes/heart disease/obesity/metabolic syndrome etc so it made sense.

    I think taking a gap year is a fantastic idea, especially for a course like medicine. It's such a long course and much of it ends up being akin to unpaid work towards the end anyway, that I think having a gap year really should be encouraged more. I kinda had two forced gap years (failed to get in the first two attempts, third time lucky), and I'm happy to have had them.

    Well, I'll be in Austin most of the time, which really is different from the rest of Texas. There's a relatively, and perhaps absolutely, large atheist population in Austin. It's the atheistic mecca of Texas.

    Japan sounds fantastic. Where you going and what's the plan? Which medical school will you be going to?

    (I really need to get off here now, I've got a critical analysis to try to finish early before going to Texas on wednesday - really don't want to do work when I'm there!)
  7. Facticity
    I know what you mean, I only started coming back on about 1/2 months ago from my very long haitus.

    Nice, you looking to be an endocrinologist then, eh? Where you intercalating then? I don't even know where you go now lol

    That does sound interesting aha don't get chased!

    I did get into medicine, but I'm not starting until next year for various reasons really. I've just been working, some casual reading, TSR however I am planning to go to Japan for most of my gap year to do medical work so that should be cool
  8. SMed
    lol, I so rarely check this thing, and just happened to look. Though I'm rarely on tsr that much these days anyway.

    Yeah, I'm okay. Starting my iBSc on endocrinology this year. Should be interesting. Off to Texas in a few days for my brother's wedding. That WILL be fun. Didn't read as much as I wanted over the summer, but I was still relatively busy.

    Am I imagining it, or did you apply and get into medicine? I could've sworn you briefly had it in your sig a while back. :hmmmm2:

    What have you been up to?
  9. Facticity
    Hey mate, how have you been anyway? Its been a while since we had a long debate
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