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  1. Hype en Ecosse
    You need to get playing with Ape and I again. You have missed out on some hilarious moments. I laughed the hardest I am in a while because Ape almost had a system meltdown because he couldn't find a definition for a term I used. :rofl:
    It's such a shame I can't remember what it was. It was brilliant.
  2. Hype en Ecosse
    It started about 5 hours ago when I decided to leave you a message. It's not one thing. It's loads of things piled up into one and it's so blargh.

    Nah, I use it a lot. But the only people I've met who I've wished it upon are chavs and I don't bother wasting my time getting to know them. Whereas I've been at school with this other person for 6 years. So it's the first person I really know that I've wished it upon. Get me?
  3. Facticity
    Fakky? When did that start? I thought you swore at me at first :laugh:

    How come you're stressed Hippie? :puppyeyes: Is it because I've been away so much? :console:

    Haha oh dear. That is why I avoid real life debate, unless in a formal setting. Well, haters gonna hate, idiots gonna be idiots :sadnod:

    Really? You use that remark quite frequently if I recall from our conversations
  4. Hype en Ecosse
    Sorry I haven't replied, Fakky. I've been feeling stressed as fook recently.

    I've finally had the misfortune today to debate someone who lives in a bubble fantasy world, where logic and rationality doesn't matter, and everyone in Britain who isn't white, protestant or born in Britain is nothing more than a sub-human who has no right to be in Britain, while every non-white dominant country is barbaric...

    I have genuinely never met someone in person I hope would never breed until now. :sad:
  5. Facticity
    Its just how much smugness, presence and respect the smug prince commands. :smug:

    Hope you're doing well. Its been a while since we've been on Halo or had a PM marathon. I miss them... :moon:
  6. Hype en Ecosse
    I can't form a coherent reply due to the sheer amount of Smug on your wall.
  7. Facticity
    Oi :pierre:
  8. Facticity
    Nvm now
  9. Hype en Ecosse
    Reply to what!?
  10. Facticity
    Stop chatting up Jordan and Amwaz and reply!
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