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  1. Etoile
    In Rheinland-Pfalz Es war eine Sommerschule fuer zwei Wochen, und ich bin mit einer Gastfamilie geblieben Ja normalerweise ist reisen sehr teuer!
    Bei Cambridge? Emma Weisst du auch schon?
  2. anna-chipie 95
    Wo warst du in Deutschland?
    Ich konnte nicht ins Ausland fahren... aber vielleicht naechstes Jahr...

    Welche College? Hast du Ideen?
  3. Etoile
    Ooh interesting! :teeth:
  4. anna-chipie 95
    Der Besuch der alten Dame... setting: really small and incredibly poor town called Guellen. There is a sixty-five year old man who lives there, used to be in love with a woman called Claire, but he married someone else and so did she- she is now incredibly rich and on husband number seven when the play starts. I've only done Act One, but she's annoyed about something to do with this guy, called Alfred. It goes to court... and then afterwards, she says she'll give a million (in money) to the town... IF someone kills this guy Alfred.
  5. anna-chipie 95
    just seen that post on the current Y13s thread- well done! I got As in French and German too. i was 2 UMS points off a B in RS so I might resit... Have fun in Germany, wish I was going (instead im going to scotland tomorrow)
  6. Etoile
    I know, but the syllabus for French and German is basically the same so I don't really see it as much extra work :dontknow: So do you - we have to be
  7. anna-chipie 95
    Four A2s is going to be a lot of work!! You sound like a clever person tho
  8. Etoile
    I'm doing A2 French, German, Italian and English lit, and dropping maths. It's too hard for me!
  9. anna-chipie 95
    wait... 4 A2s?(lol yes been stalking a little ) Which subject you dropping? I'm only doing 3- French and German, naturally, plus RS.
  10. Etoile
    I loveeeeeeeed Exeter so much :love: It is hard choice! I don't even know what criteria to use in choosing :L
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