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  1. hasan4life
    basically i got asked this question, for an essay, and now its getting published in the national journal of science
    thought id share it with you
  2. soyasauce
    Wtf are you on about
  3. hasan4life
    Let's start this letter with a little quiz:

    1.Do Miss Zoyasauce's jeremiads appear reasonable to anyone other than naive schnorrers?
    2.Whatever happened to Zoyasauce's sense of humanity?
    3.Essay: Compare and contrast Zoyasauce's annunciations to those of sticky-fingered nitwits, focusing especially on who is more likely to let advanced weaponry fall into the hands of the most nasty rabble-rousers you'll ever see.
    Don't worry; I'll give you all the answers throughout the course of this letter as well as a wealth of other information about Zoyasauce. Here's the story: We need to look at our situation realistically and from a viewpoint that takes in the whole picture. Unfortunately, reaching that simple conclusion sometimes seems to be above human reason. But there is a wisdom above human, and to that we must look if we are ever to expose injustice and puncture prejudice.

    I agree that Zoyasauce's relationship to the real world is peripheral. But I also think that according to Zoyasauce, the government's policies should be at odds with the will of the people. She might as well be reading tea leaves or tossing chicken bones on the floor for divination about what's true and what isn't. Maybe then Zoyasauce would realize that she has been known to say that she is a paragon of morality and wisdom. That notion is so warped, I hardly know where to begin refuting it. Anyway, that's it for this letter. Let Miss Zoyasauce read it and weep.
  4. hasan4life
  5. hasan4life
    :upyours: always wanted to do that ha.
  6. soyasauce
    done talk to me
  7. hasan4life
    lol, you're really mad?
  8. soyasauce
  9. hasan4life
  10. soyasauce
How tall are you?

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