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Conversation Between Rascacielos and ScholarsInk

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  1. Rascacielos
    I'm very well thank you! Just bought a new laptop, going back to uni next Saturday! How about you?
  2. ScholarsInk
    Oh hello!

    Just posted in that computer thread and remembered that we spoke aaaages ago. How are you?
  3. ScholarsInk
    Ooh I saw this today!

    A delightful way to spend seven minutes.
  4. Rascacielos
    Aha, very polite.
  5. ScholarsInk
    It's not a problem.
  6. Rascacielos
    I'll give it a go sometime, thanks.
    It's okay, I have a bad habit of doing that.
  7. ScholarsInk
    The Crime Wave at Blandings - it is doubly wonderful if you read mystery stories. I confess to laughing like a loon when I read it on a flight last year. And yet it was so fun I did not mind the strange looks from all comers.

    (Sorry for the late response - I just realised that you replied on your page.)
  8. ScholarsInk
    A pain we share.

    And in any case, I do not approve of women in frock-coats. There are much more suitable ladies' garments from the era.

    I would, but it's not quite his best. There's a wonderful short story of his, though, that sums up all that's lovely about his world. I've lent it to several people over the past few months, making addicts of them. I can send it your way if you'd like?

    What makes him marvellous is not only the playground he throws us in to frolic but his way with sentences and words. (Perhaps something a law student might find interesting. )

    In any case, have a glimpse of Wodehouse's evertweedy world:

    “Freddie experienced the sort of abysmal soul-sadness which afflicts one of Tolstoy's Russian peasants when, after putting in a heavy day's work strangling his father, beating his wife, and dropping the baby into the city's reservoir, he turns to the cupboards, only to find the vodka bottle empty.”

    “A certain critic -- for such men, I regret to say, do exist -- made the nasty remark about my last novel that it contained 'all the old Wodehouse characters under different names.' He has probably by now been eaten by bears, like the children who made mock of the prophet Elisha: but if he still survives he will not be able to make a similar charge against Summer Lightning. With my superior intelligence, I have out-generalled the man this time by putting in all the old Wodehouse characters under the same names. Pretty silly it will make him feel, I rather fancy.”

    I shall hold back on more quotes, but lovely, non?
  9. Rascacielos
    I know. :fan: But whilst I might not dress like a student (most of the time!), I'm still living on a student budget. :cry2:
    I think I have a copy of The Man with Two Left Feet (?) knocking around somewhere, but I've never picked it up. Short stories don't really appeal to me but would you recommend it all the same?
  10. ScholarsInk
    You know, there are tweed frock-coats, too...

    Are you a Wodehouse reader by faint chance?
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