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  1. SebCross
    Hi do you still use this? Are you enjoying things at Southampton?
  2. Rascacielos
    No idea. I have to fill out a new form when I arrive, which is probably a good thing because I originally applied for an ensuite room and I've since discovered that it's way out of my price range!
    Yep, hopefully see you there. Day's been a bit chaotic really! I've started organising my stuff for moving in and have discovered that I've still got lots of things to buy!
  3. SebCross
    Mmm oh right. Do you know which blocks you're being considered for then? (Ie I assume that Student Services will look at the preferences that you put down on your accommodation application form.) Hope they find you a nice single/double room for you to have on your own so that you can enjoy uni' life fully

    Hopefully see you at the Highfield JCR events and stuff Have you had a good day? X
  4. Rascacielos
    Ah, I didn't realise! I'm staying in Aubrey House, Highfield Hall for the moment but that's likely to change because I'm sharing a room for a few weeks until I get allocated my own room.
  5. SebCross
    Excellent - I'll see you there I hope. Getting into any university is a massive achievement and I happen to luuuuurve Southampton (particularly because I'm going there, LOL). Whereabouts are you living? I'm Wolfe House (Highfield Hall) near the Avenue Campus.
  6. Rascacielos
    Hey. Fine thanks... You? They did go well (A*AAB) but unfortunately I needed an A in Spanish (which I got the B in) so I'm off to Southampton next Sunday.
  7. SebCross
    Hey how's it going? How were your results BTW? What you wanted I hope? Best wishes.
  8. Rascacielos
    Thank you! I'll let you know.

    How are things your end anyway?
  9. SebCross
    I'm so glad that I've already experienced the wait for results (back in 2008). I'm sure you'll do really well and I hope you're pleased with the results that you get and that you feel they're what you deserve. I know it's a really nervous time but good luck for Thursday.

    Let me know how you get on, yeah?
  10. Rascacielos
    Hi, I'm fine thanks... Just waiting for my A-level results on Thursday. How about you?
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