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  1. Tempa
    I can't ask my teacher, because it is a complicated situation. However I can post questions on TSR and hope to use my brain and try and understand everything. Do all the past papers and hope for the best. My firm is Uni of Birmingham, while insurance is Aston.
  2. Fuzzy12345
    Ah nice, decided on your firm then? Ahh don't worry, practise makes perfect that's all and I know it's ridiculously cliché but if you need help, ask your teachers Old chinese proverb: "He who asks a question is a fool for 5 minutes. He who doesn't is a fool forever." And feel free to ask me if you ever want help and I'll try (not making promises though seeing as I haven't covered any A2 work yet ) And yeah, just practise makes perfect
  3. Tempa
    Going for maths at uni and I've had offers, but after that question I feel like I need to up my game or I'm going suffer in uni.
  4. Fuzzy12345
    Hey Uhh, most likely Engineering but not really sure tbh, kind of starting to consider medicine :/ Yourself?
  5. Tempa
    What are you planning to do in uni?
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