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  1. jayne.corr
    oh. i thought perhaps it was something clever and would lead to an interesting discussion, something perhaps about gay culture in 80s seeing aids is a trophy disease, but never mind.

    sex doesn't lead to aids. a lack of protection does.
  2. bestofyou
    that isn't the message. Look at some of the newspaper cut outs. E.g. 8million people in SA have AIDS, yet the first patient only died 18years ago. How did most of them get it? Through sex. AIDS isn't sexy basically is saying that you should think about the consquences of having unprotected sex, because the result in the end is the total opposite of the reason you have it in the first place.
  3. jayne.corr
    what is the message of the large picture in your sig? i don't know anyone who thinks aids is sexy. it'd be interesting to know if some people did.
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