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  1. maths134
    not sure if this is sarcasm... lol. Anyway, my gcse grades.
    Maths (A*), English (A*), English lit (A*), Science (A*), Add Science (A*), Full course RE (A*)
    History (A), Classics (A)
    ICT (distinction, 'equiv' to 3A* ppft but we know how true that is..) and Spanish (C... oops)
    A-levels, Mathematics (284/300), Further Mathematics (287/300), Physics (288/300), Classics (174/200) and General studies (190/200). Full marks on FP1, C1, Physics unit 2 and self taught myself D2 (97/100).
  2. rfuzzy
    Hey!congratsss on ur offer?
    I look up to such students!!can you please tell me what were your grades in gcse (as in how many As and A*s)and what subjects in a levels so i can also follow your footsteps.
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