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  1. DavidJohn
    (sorry about the long wait - didnt see the notification)
    And i just got an offer monday
    mine updated on ucas straight away though
  2. maxcartwright
    Predicted grades were AAB (not that good by KCL standards)
    AS I got AAA
    I didnt take a language, geo, govpol, english, art
    offer hasnt come through on UCAS yet though, it was a private email from rod dacombe, head of the ipol dept.
    what about you?
    predicted? ect..
  3. DavidJohn
    Hey just seen your post on the KCL thread "I have a conditional offer for international politics, got it at the end of xmas and am a home student."

    Was just wondering what your predicted grades are if you dont mind telling me and also what you got for AS and when you applied?
    Also did you take a language...

    I really want KCL but a bit worried i havent heard anything back yet!
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