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  1. lvg-23

    Not to sound like a stalker or anything but I just wondered if you had sorted out your accomodation yet? From what I read (and stop me if I'm wrong) your still looking for a room trade. The offer to trade rooms with me is still on the table - 37 week with a washbasin in Lindsay Hall - if your interested.

    Just thought I'd ask Week to go now :0

  2. biain
    Sorry, I've already agreed to trade rooms with somebody else on campus.

    Thanks for the offer anyway
  3. lvg-23

    Just read that you didn't want your Premier En Suite Room in Holly Cross and that you wanted a simpler room that is cheaper. I just wondered if you wanted to trade rooms with me; currently I've got a room with a basin in Lindsay Hall Block T Room 201. At the moment it is temperorarily shared with someone else but apparently it is only for a few weeks and then you get your own room

    Plus side is that the room cost is halved to £1458.

    Let me know if your interested
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