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  1. philistine
  2. JordanR
  3. JordanR
    Harpsichord is by far my favourite keyboard instrument. What I like a lot about playing classical pieces on the electric guitar is that it's probably the closest-sounding thing to a harpsichord available. Listen to Paul Gilbert's cover of the finale of Haydn's wonderful Symphony 88 for a good example of that. My favourite string instrument is probably the cello.

    And yes, whoever said that I'd most assuredly an idiot.
  4. philistine
    Score one against the dead man! :gah:

    I loved Poulenc and Rameau for their harpsichord work. Who was it that said Rameau was like the eighteenth century Eric Clapton?

    I have no idea, though to be sure, he was a ****ing idiot.
  5. JordanR
    What he composed whilst deaf should only be listened to by a deaf man.

    Not much of a Beethoven man, much more into Bach and Haydn. Bach's son (J C Bach) is pretty awesome too - he has some amazing harpsichord concertos.
  6. philistine
    Ahahaha. I'm with you there, man.

    But Beethoven's later symphones! Surely, you don't include his ninth?! Oh, the temerity of it all. Mahler's later symphonies, I'd agree hands down.
  7. JordanR
    There are a few choice things I wish I could forget; Episodes I, II and III of Star Wars and Beethoven's later compositions, for example.
  8. philistine
    That was always a crock, aye. Nobody ever died wishing they knew less.

    I hope. :holmes:
  9. JordanR
    Well so much for ignorance being bliss.
  10. philistine

    Tis a wonderful thing, to know a thing or two.
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