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  1. 7he5haman
    Ah cool! I considered HR too, but have gone off it now. Then again, what I'm into changes on a weekly basis! Damn my indecisiveness...

    It's tough isn't it? I feel like I'm going through a quarter-life crisis at the moment. Although I read in the Metro a few weeks ago that that can ultimately turn out to be a good thing as a good deal of soul searching will help you find what you really want to do in life I'm not entirely convinced by the four-line article, but it made me feel better at least

    I've narrowed my careers down to publich service/doing something for/with people. Or becoming an average academic. The longer I stay unemployed, the more attractive doing a Masters is - I feel it'd be a useful thing to have whichever path I choose!
  2. Maybe Human Resource management? Something that might lead to a job where I won't have major ethical dilemmas all the time .

    Not really sure what I'm doing career wise though :/ .
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