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  1. Sephiroth
    Show Me Love is great but I've never been a fan of 220. I'm a big fan of Not Gonna Get Us and Perfect Enemy.
    Hopefully they will get back together but it seems unlikely. Lena is the one I was referring to. I've no idea what Yulia is up to these days.
  2. Cheeese589
    ahh fair enough haha
    agreed! my favourites are 220 and Show me love
    Yea, they were awsome, i wish they'd get back together sometime in the future!
    Whos that your on about? i thought that they have both gone solo? i know Lena's got a band now i think, not too sure about Yulia though!
  3. Sephiroth
    I didn't discover them until like 2005 when everyone had forgotten about them lol. I'd have changed my avatar by now to GaGa or something but you only get 50x50 if you don't subscribe and that's not worth it.

    I like nearly all their songs and I agree they sound better in Russian. It's a shame their career didn't last very long. One of them seems to have gone solo now but I've not had much interest.
  4. Cheeese589
    I know :/ i'd never heard of them when they were still together, ive only come across them in the last few months, but love them :P
    So gutted the've broken up :/
    I love the russian versions of their songs, although i cant understand the majority of what they are saying, its sounds nicer in russian
  5. Sephiroth
    They are awesome indeed.
    I don't listen to them much any more since it's been a while since they made anything new but I played a lot last night.
  6. Cheeese589
    I noticed your pic of TATU - nice one!
    Im currently obssessed with them! haha Their songs are amazing
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