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  1. Cityshy
    Also....I haven't academically studied science since I did my GCSE' as you can see I desperately need to prove (and re-learn) my science capabilities, without it I could never expect a place at med school. If I don't get in after COWA I will continue working in care and hospital environments (like I currently do), then take science A-Levels and keep applying. I'm really hoping it all pans out but I'm not's very tough not just for applicants but for the admission decision makers, they look not for why to accept you but why not to, because there are so many decent candidates and just not enough spaces
  2. Cityshy
    Well done on getting in and all your experience, hands-on care is very desirable to them. To be honest I don't have as many A* GCSE grades as the people who apply to UCL,Imperial etc, I got some A* & A's but I'm not a spotless academic record, and unfortunately I was very sick during my A-Levels so I got A,B,C (AAA or AAB would be better). But I got my 2:1 degree &a lot of hands-on experience, so I'm hoping after COWA I'll get accepted too, we're in the same boat so don't worry you're not alone haha.
  3. Cityshy
    Hey there just got your message sorry if this is late reply. There's no 100% guarantee that COWA will get someone into med school, because it depends on their other academic qualifications/work experience /personal qualities in interview etc, but it is certainly the most popular choice of Access course, for example it's the ONLY one that UCL will accept. Without a doubt it will strengthen your application significantly, and even if you don't get into med school straight away you'd get in on one of the cycles because COWA call up the admissions teams and help you out as much as possible.

    Hope that helps a little, message me if you have anymore questions.
  4. Miss_marabou
    Hey, I read your post where you stated that you will be doing the access to medicine course at COWA. I also got accepted and will be doing that course this year. Do you reckon the course will gain you an entry to medical school 2012? Im not too sure how the medical schools look at this qualification, do you have any idea?

    Thanks !
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