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  1. logic123
    Congratulations on applying for UCL, its a great place. First things first, i will say the course is excellent, and generally IB prepares you for the course better than A level students.

    If i was giving you some advice now i would read up on these topics, as you will write six essays this year on each of these topics. So if you can talk to Dr Cook about them, you are showing him your enthusiasm for the course even before you start!

    Topic 1 - Experimental methods and microscopic techniques in identifying nerve tissue
    Topic 2- Information transmission- from past to present
    Topic 3 - Pain modulation in the CNS- descending pathways from the brain to spinal cord
    Topic 4 - motor movement - intrafusal and extrafusal muscle fibres - golgi tendon organ
    Topic 5 - Disorders of mood and mind - bipolar and schizophrenia/ parkinsons
    Topic 6 - Vision/ sight
  2. dovilem
    Hey, so you study neuroscience at UCL That's my biggest dream so far as I'm a IB1 student yet )
    I've got a couple of questions on PS - what would look really nice in there? Is lab experience important? Basically, what type of student are they looking for?
    If you've got any mates in course from the IB - maybe you have something to share from their experiance, like about EE and grades..

    Thanks a lot
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