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  1. twelve
    Yeahh - when I've been on retreats with school everything has suddenly made sense and I've got all this hope thinking yayy, finally found IT. Goes away when I come home though. Yeahh, I'm hoping it'll be easier at uni Just one of the things I'm looking forward to!
  2. twelve
    That is an amazing story. Just soo inspiring

    I think if I'm honest, I would probably be a better Catholic if I hadn't had the religion so drummed into me as a child - I went to a Catholic primary and secondary school. If you can take a religion for granted, thats pretty much what has happened to me. MY priest isn't the best either really - the sort who makes you feel guilty if you haven't been to church in a while :P I think one day, I'd love to truly find myself in the Church, but I think I'm finding that difficult for some reason.
  3. twelve
    Noo, I'm not - I'm not really the best practising Catholic if I'm honest. I believe in God, and have been brought up a Catholic. I pray most nights, but I barely go to Church, and break a lot of the rules :/ Well done you becoming a Catholic though What made you decide to do that?
  4. twelve
    Yeahh I am haha. Wouldn't have known about the CCC without my GCSE RE though haha. Are you?
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