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  1. hasan4life
    u can still have it as a hobby too, not a bad way to treat the ladies too but good luck in it
    oh do they have an american football team? if not i would start one, think theirs plenty of :dumbell: guys their wow thats quite alot. sounds awesome, and we know who wins the poker matches :rolleyes: i tried once and it was too complicated and lost everytime, so just gave up and watched the others play
  2. Gofre
    Haha I wish, I enjoy it and would like to think I can do it well, but I lack the training to pursue it properly. I managed to meet one of my favourite chefs off of TV, whose Michelin starred restaurant I'm going to for y 21st, and he told me that he got his uni degree before pursuing food, so I'm going to try and follow that example =P
    Don't get too excited about the prospect, the attempt to start a team failed because of a lack of student interest, he couldn't find enough people to even come close to a full team! Yeah the poker club has about 40-50 members from what I could tell before I left. I joined because I was after a laugh and maybe make some money occasionally, everyone else was there solely for the cash. It ended up being boring and a waste of money, it's far more enjoyable when we have home games at my flat :ahee:
  3. hasan4life
    cool, i did hospitality in college. the cooking made me give it up so your a master cook now as well
    ooh thats cool, didnt expect bolton to have too many sports, due to its smallness. haha your friend is awesome, i may join the ice hoc team too poker that must be popular there :yep:
    cool thats good to know
  4. Gofre
    At the moment I want to get into cooking, something that didn't come to me until after I'd accepted my uni place XD
    They seem very good for sports, there seem to be clubs in most things (One of my mates had to be awkward and petition for an ice hockey team =P). Not too sure on other societies, I signed up to trampolining and poker and left it at that! I've got two flatmates doing sports & exercise science, and they're both enjoying it a lot.
  5. hasan4life
    true, true. same here, only did up till gcse but i still dont know as uch as u what kind of career u looking to go in? what kind of sports and societies do bolton have?
    haha was thinking the same, i also applied for sport science too and they gave me an offer straight away for that, but they are really strict on who can do this course for some reason :dontknow:
  6. Gofre
    Haha I would be, it gets balanced out by the presence of a social life, girlfriend and sporting ability =P

    I'd like to ideally, but the extent of my knowledge eon computers could probably be attained by anybody spending a weekend with google. I don't have any kind of education with computers past the bare minimum of IT lessons up until Year 9. Ironically the career I want at the moment has nothing to do with either technology or biology XD
    Really? No disrespect to Bolton Uni but I didn't think they'd be in a position to be particularly selective after the fees jumped up. I thought it would have been easier.
  7. hasan4life
    haha i see, a bit bigger then average :yep:
    cool, i thought u would be doing something in IT
    theres like only 30 ppl that can get in
  8. Gofre
    Haha not really, just your run of the mill nerd :ahee:
    I'm doing biology, can't say I know anybody doing rehab though :holmes:
  9. hasan4life
    cool, thats nice to know u really are a tech wizard
    sports rehab, heard bolton are quite good at it what are u doing?
  10. Gofre
    The breakage rate isn't particularly high from what I can tell, certainly not high enough to worry about. Apple's customer service and warranty is top notch should you encounter any issues, they've been known to replace defective models with new handsets on the spot (:

    Ah ok, good luck! What do you want to study?
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