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  1. Bobbler
    Yeahh the location is a bit far out, at least the gym's close by haha! Plus my boyfriend will be in his third year next year & lives round the corner from the building we have seminars in, so any 9am ones & I can just stay at his haha!
    I'm sure it won't be that bad though, i mean all our lectures are still on campus & in the Arts Tower I think, just seminars . Did you get the really boring guy doing your talk on the open day? If not, he might just be there to entertain us Joint Honours haha
  2. James Snowdon
    Yeah I know, the only thing I was a little dissapointed about was the location and size of the politics building, thought it may have been newer tbh seeing as its ranked so highly.
    Im from Hartlepool and go to the Sixth Form, I've also applied for Endcliffe
  3. Bobbler
    Yeah so excited! Especially with how high up it is for politics in the country I'm from Darlington & applied for Endcliffe self catered ensuite, you?
  4. James Snowdon
    Hey! Yeah I can't wait to go! Where abouts are you from?
    What accomodation you applied for?
  5. Bobbler
    heyyy, saw you had firmed Sheffield for Politics, I'm going to do History & Politics! & I also see you're a fellow Tees Valley-er :P
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