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  1. arvin_infinity
    How is it going!
  2. arvin_infinity
    No worries..hang on a sec you applying for next year!?
    wondered where you planning to apply!cuz not all colleges require SAT 1 and 2
    1 or 2? who says so!? there are so much stuff made up by people
  3. Deathliga
    Hey, I'm sorry I haven't replied quickly. I just did my first SATs yesterday!
    Apparently for foreigners, medicine is really hard to get into. Only around 1 or 2 can go to every medical school there is. If you have a family member that works in the US, it would be more comfortable since they can apply for a Green Card which is something that medical schools will often consider you to be a common US citizens.
  4. arvin_infinity
    Just saw your post regarding applying to US..on the same boat ...let me know how you are getting on
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