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  1. MrCarmady
    uh, i don't remember what the last question is
  2. coffeeortea
    okay, thanks and could you give me some tips on answering the last question? thanks!
  3. MrCarmady
    i think that as long as you engage with the text, you shouldn't have a problem. brasenose is nice. apparently we're the best college for that subject but i doubt it matters all that much...
  4. coffeeortea
    thanks! i applied for brasenose!i have done all the past papers on hat, but sometimes the mark scheme varies greatly from my answers
  5. MrCarmady
    not much to say about HAT, sorry. it's basically advanced reading comprehension. do a few practice ones, get some sleep, you should be OK. which college did you go for?
  6. coffeeortea
    hey ! i‘m applying for history and economics this year, do you have any tips for me regarding the HAT? i would really really appreciated it if you do! thanks!
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