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  1. BeccaCath94
    Congrats on leeds.
    And yeah i'm very excited about Coventry. It seems a lovely place
  2. 0range
    Oh and don't worry about it that much, Coventry is an amazing place to be! I've been there loads of times and have loads of friends going there!
    and yh I got into Leeds
  3. BeccaCath94
    Noo Sadly.
    I ended up not doing as well as i'd planned in my exams so would no way get into my firm/insurance. I ended up going through clearing and got an offer from Coventry this afternoon which i've accepted. Did you?
  4. 0range
    So did you get into Leeds for Maths??
  5. 0range
    Yh I've gotten all except and tbf they might just be lazy like me :P
    I would say Leeds is my favourite then Liverpool slightly lower but still love both of the universities then Reading and Keele on the same level but still I wouldn't mind going to any of these.

    Finally there's Brunel, if I'm being honest I hated it at the open day and would prob hate it if I ended up there but my parents really wanted me to apply to a uni in/close to London so I just chose Brunel as a backup. BBB isn't that bad of an entry requirement :/
  6. BeccaCath94
    Thank you!! ooh I've got an offer from Liverpool and one from Heriot-watt in Scotland....have you got 4/5? which is your favourite? Out of my 5, my other 3 - Sheffield, Leeds and Lancaster are all pretty equal....
  7. 0range
    Gl getting offers! I've applied to Liverpool reading keele and brunel so far only keele haven't replied
  8. BeccaCath94
    Ahh, I applied to G101....well done though and yeah i think either leeds or lancaster will be my firm
    Where else have you applied?
  9. 0range
    It's G100, I was really surprised when I got it but thanks its Devin gonna be my firm
  10. BeccaCath94
    Hi, I saw you got an offer from Leeds for maths Well done What course code was it?
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