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  1. AU94
    It is okay Naiomi! Hope you do well on your exams! And yeah I am in the same boat as well, so, yeah let's hope for the best! And hopefully we can meet in September !
    Let's keep in touch though! Take care!
  2. Naiomi
    Portugal! Doing the IB, I start exams in 2 days :s Yesss, so excited! I'm terrible scared if I don't get the grades I need.. but hoping for the best good luck with everything Dahab
  3. AU94
    Hello Naiomi,
    I am from Egypt, and I am doing the American diploma so I have to pass my AP exams. How about you? How is everything going so far? Excited about uni.?
  4. Naiomi
    Hey! Glad to meet you too! What's your offer? Where are you from?
  5. AU94
    Hello Naiomi! My name is Dahab, and I have applied to BSc. Financial and Business Economics, and I have realized from one of the forums that you have applied to the course as well, so I am glad that somebody is on the same boat as me.. So, I am glad to meet you, at least online.
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