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Conversation Between Vikki1805 and tufc

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  1. Vikki1805
    How come..? Well he was depressed and hung himself.
  2. tufc
    How come your friend died? :O
  3. tufc
    Yeah same, I live right on the edge of NW London, 2nd last house inside Greater London. what about you?
  4. Vikki1805
    I live in London, yourself?
  5. tufc
    So what part of this country are you from?
  6. Vikki1805
    Ahh too funny! Haha.
  7. tufc
    Lol probably. I've punched my laptop so many times it opened up Skype and called the Domestic Abuse hotline >.<
  8. Vikki1805
    It never shows any sig? I've never seen anyone with a sig, perhaps my computer just hates me?
  9. tufc
    lulz thats ok, just go on my profile, click on 'my stats', then click on 'find all posts by tufc' just click on the top one, and you'll see my sig. it's basically all about how TSR is infested with hypocritical leftists.
  10. Vikki1805
    I'm gonna sound silly here, but where is your sig? People always mention them but I don't know where they are?
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