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Conversation Between kka25 and superwolf

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  1. superwolf
    3 weeks ago
  2. kka25
    3 weeks ago
    Super duper trooper wolf
  3. kka25
    SUPERWOLF! :hi:

  4. superwolf
  5. superwolf
  6. kka25

    Want nutella :puppyeyes: but must resist - need to maintain strict diet.

    Owh, I lost 2-3kg recently Now need to maintain my exercise routine :yep: Hopefully would look :sexface: soon :awesome:

  7. superwolf
    No strawberry treats for me. :cry2: But when I got home I made myself a lovely cup of coffee (otherwise known as the best thing known to man ever), and also ate some nutella straight out the jar (got to make up for the dentist saying my teeth are fine somehow .

    I'd share anything with you, :love: except maybe herpes.
  8. kka25
    YAY!!! :woo:

    Did the doc give you a strawberry candy to behave? I know the doc would give me one :awesome:

    I think I will; on April or May. Really on a tight budget right now. Need to pay my fees and all =/

    I just had rice with chicken :perv: Wanna share some :perv: ?
  9. superwolf
    I got my tooth fixed! :excited: You should too - there was nothing majorly wrong with mines, so they just smoothed it out a bit and charged me £20. Now I can begin biting again...

    *sings* I feel like chicken tonight...
  10. kka25
    T-Rexs are :cool:

    Unfortunately, the T-Rex that was involved in the accident might need to send his car to the workshop! :eek:

    poor guy =(

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