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  1. sharmine
    nothing, just easily distracted
  2. 4mar_ar5en4l
    oh wht a shame; whats wrong??
    i aint got any exams to revise for btw
  3. sharmine
    not great tbh u?
  4. 4mar_ar5en4l
    hows revising on tsr going?
  5. 4mar_ar5en4l
    gud luck in maths nd history, with maths its just about doin past papers so u'll do fine if u do them over the half term nd dunno what extended theory is but heres hoping u do well
  6. sharmine
    yeah i am glad my c/w is good. Good luck for tomorrow, i have science extended theory tomorrow so excited to finally not have to do chem and bio anymore. Then after half term i have 2 history exams and 2 maths exams..
  7. 4mar_ar5en4l
    yh i think my english lit went pretty sh*t but my coursework may pull my grade up hopefully. done well in my maths nd got business tomorro. wht exams u got left?
  8. sharmine
    ok-ish my english lit didn't go too well cos i did an all nighter etc and was unprepared...and french reading/listening and science alternative to practical (chemistry part) went horrible but english lang and half of english lit and r.e went fine you?
  9. 4mar_ar5en4l
    hows ur exams goin???
  10. 4mar_ar5en4l
    u can revise for a few of them over the half term so hopefully u'll do well
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