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  1. Vixen47
    It's a good show! I absolutely love it!! But that could just be my current American Dad phase speaking! Tbf, I only watch it for the goldfish! I have a thing for the German accent :perv:
  2. Baula
    Ahhh American Dad! I've only seen a few episodes which is why I couldn't place it haha
  3. Vixen47
    I made it up! "Fisch" is the German word for "fish" and Klaus (the goldfish) is German

    Unless you've heard it in another place theeeen I have no idea. Sorry!

    And you don't have to be sorry - random posts are what I live for!
    I kid.
    German goldfish are what I live for :love:
  4. Baula
    Hey saw your sig in the awkward moments thread.. Where is "The Fisch" from? It's really bugging me haha I tried googling and youtubing but found nothing -_-

    Sorry in advance for the randomness of this post xD
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