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Conversation Between AspiringGenius and Extricated

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  1. AspiringGenius
    That's still an A* which is well good.
  2. Extricated
    I got 108 which was higher than I expected after a catalogue of errors towards the end!
  3. AspiringGenius
    Hehe I love Pi

    I got 120/120 which makes me the lucky bearer of a clerical error or a freak of nature :lol: you?
  4. Extricated
    Pi day was fun haha...i did learn pi to something ridiculous like 50 dp when I was younger but can only recite upto 5 now..

    Never mind, that chem5 exam was rogue too. How did you do /120?
  5. AspiringGenius
    Did you enjoy Pi day? I made a point of reciting Pi in maths. Got to 54 dp :woo:

    Thanks although I had a rogue biology exam which spoilt it a little :lol:
  6. Extricated

    Thank you I'll be studying Economics.

    Well done on your amazing A2s and have fun at UCL
  7. AspiringGenius
    Well done on your A Levels looking forward to Cambridge? What are you studying?
  8. AspiringGenius
    But it too twue
  9. Extricated
    Your "about me" is an eye full!
  10. Extricated
    LOL! ...Thanks
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