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Conversation Between Appeal to reason and Pentapus

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  1. Pentapus
    I am becoming a walking Jack Wills Billboard. D:
    I bought another hoodie. :facepalm2:
  2. Pentapus
    I know right!
    I couldn't resist.
  3. Appeal to reason
    £55 off Excellent savings!
  4. Pentapus
    It was more exxpensive. Though the reduction was a lot more. £129 to £74. :sogood:
  5. Appeal to reason
    Haha! Was the jack wills one a different price?
  6. Pentapus
    I bought a Gilet.
    But not the one that I had intended on buying because I looked like hunchback of notredame in it. :lol:
    I bought a Jack Wills one.
  7. Pentapus
    I kknow! What an amazing sister :')
    I think I shall. My mum is taking me to town tomorrow to try on for sizes before we order
  8. Appeal to reason
    Your sister is willing to pay half? :O Why?!
    Take her up on the offer
  9. Pentapus
    I can get it!
    BUt I have to pay for it.
    But my sister is willing to pay half!
  10. Appeal to reason
    How badly do you want to get it?
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