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  1. Millymoo
    Ohh, a bit more central then! I quite like Stirling, but not such a fan of the Uni! Ahh yeah, well Tarbert is only 40minutes closer to Glasgow than me So you have been near me! :L Yeah, I guess you get used to it! Can't wait to get into the City but I think it'll be quite scary at first with all the new things! Oh well, i'll get used to it :P
  2. Mr Dangermouse
    Understandable. I'm in the same position I won't say exactly, but urban Stirlingshire.

    I've been to a few bits of Argyll & Bute: Dunoon, Tighnabruiach, Tarbert, Inveraray.

    No offence, but never again. I hate being so far away from civilisation.

    Bet you can't wait to get out of there
  3. Millymoo
    Yeah, I realised that after I read some more of your posts after sending that message Well, as you'd probably understand I'd rather not say exactly where i'm from, but I'll say as much as Argyll and Bute, in the middle of nowhere, 3 hours away from Glasgow and anything that you might find exciting in life is also that 3 hours away :P what about you? Don't seem to see that many Scots on here compared to the English!
  4. Mr Dangermouse
    Fellow Scottie here. Applying to Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt again, Glasgow and Glasgow again. Was expecting a quickie unconditional for Glasgow. Complete surprise HW came first.

    So where you from?
  5. Millymoo
    Yeah, bored of checking my emails! :P Glasgow, Strathclyde, Edniburgh, Heriot-Watt and Stirling (I'm Scottish if you hadn't guessed :P ) It's really annoying because Glasgow seem to be giving out offers really quickly to most people! :/ What about you?
  6. Mr Dangermouse
    Ah well seems we're alone in being offerless

    Where are you applying for?
Bourne or Bond?
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