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  1. Nator
    No worries man; matter of fact I just came on here too after a week, the Cambridge rejection has turned me into a tyrant to murder my A2 results!

    Not yet man, same position as before, hbu?
  2. hslakaal
    Nah. No extra interview. It's pretty good that I got rejected (for financial reasons )

    Any good news for you?

    p.s. soz for late reply dude. Was moving, and stuff, didn't have a chance to properly sit down on a comp.
  3. Nator
    Ahh damn sorry to hear that man They didn't give you another interview after the pool?
    And I'm doing alright haha, hope your keeping well too
  4. hslakaal
    As promised, I have joined you for the rejection (my track updated)

    Ah well...
    Hope you're doing well
  5. hslakaal
    haha. thanks, but I kinda lied a bit there. If it's just my sciences, my UMS is lower (Bio was 90% ruins the UMS a bit tbh). I added in my Econs and Thinking Skills

    Yeah. I'm Korean. In fact, I'm leaving Malaysia for good next week, and going back to Korea - though I actually prefer it here (lived 9 years here).

    the college I was enrolled at has a one and a half year A-Level Programme, which combined with the fact that we do CIE, means AS in June (1 year after enrollment) and A2 in the Oct/Nov session So all I've got left is crummy part-time work and university offers

    Good luck to yours dude. Hope it's gonna be awesome, and that you'll be free to choose later
  6. Nator
    Thanks man; saw your score on the stalking page and it's solid! I swear you are my Malaysian counterpart (Or Korean since you live in Malaysia but I sort of picked up you were Korean?)

    Oh wow how have you done your A2s already? :eek:
    And that's fair enough, really feel for you int'l's as you have military obligations and what not, tough times man.

    Thanks man, gonna work so hard this year! Keep me updated with your app
  7. hslakaal
    That is one heck of a score.

    Well, I've already finished my A2s (waiting for results, 23rd or sumthing of this month :eek: )
    Even if they're super-duper amazing, say 100% for EVERYTHING, I wont' reapply. Simply cuz I have military obligations of 2 years, and I can't delay going to uni for a year so yeah...

    Best of luck studying for A2's then! Hopefully you'll get above 100%
  8. Nator
    I hope you have good luck with the pooling!

    And yeah definitely, all depends on my A2 UMS. Last year for AS I ended up with a 96% Average with little to no effort, so I am starting A2 revision 5 months early and if I achieve 97%> UMS then I will re-apply Hbu?
  9. hslakaal
    meh. pooling should be done soon already, and I doubt it will be in my favor.

    Out of curiosity, would you still consider reapplying to Cambridge if you get offers from all the others (given that you've satisfied all of them)? :confused:
  10. Nator
    Ahh get in! So still in with a shot
    I see what you mean bro, they just put you through so much!

    True say, and I guess haha, now time to focus on A2s for June, see the results in August, then see if it is worth re-applying to Cambridge
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